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Music, Moving Images, Double Bass

Portfolio 2024

The Four Suburban Seasons

an experiment in augmented banality


The Four Suburban Seasons is comprised of a quartet of videos, each filmed outside Florent's residence in New Jersey. Each video highlights a different seasonal machine. The footage is edited with generative algorithms to mimic the rhythmic skipping of a scratched disc. Accentuating musicality in routine seasonal activities, this invites the viewer to perceive dailyness in another light. Presented as an immersive installation, the series features four looped videos, each with its own set of headphones.

Mosaïques: Tennis


Tennis is the ninth track on the album Mosaïques, part of the 2022 double album Ritournelles & Mosaïques by Florent Ghys, released by Cantaloupe Music. This piece samples and harmonizes the tennis players' screams with natural harmonics of the double bass. Florent performs this piece live, in a solo double bass, electronics, and video performance.

Experience the complete video album here.

Petits Artéfacts: Information


Information is the second movement in Petits Artéfacts, a six-movement composition for solo cello, electronics, and video, composed for cellist Nick Photinos. Released as part of an album on New Amsterdam Records in 2017, this movement features an Iranian weather forecast mirrored in rhythm and tone by a cello line. 

Decorum Impeccable: Habillage



Habillage is the first of 33 portrait-mode videos in the series Decorum Impeccable. Showcasing various shots of Florent's face adorned with different decorations and hats, Habillage is representative of the series layering temporalities using sourced content from the internet as well as material captured by Florent. The remainder of the series plays with barking dogs, honking trucks, fingers navigating buttons on various machines, airplane footage, as well as human voices talking and singing. This series is gradually being released on social media.

4 Bucolic Machines: Woods


Woods is the opening movement of the four-part composition 4 Bucolic Machines, created for the chamber ensemble Now Hear in 2018. Akin to the card game "Memory," the listener is exposed to audio-visual associations that build the vocabulary of the piece – first at discernible tempo, then accelerated beyond immediate perception. 

The symbiotic hyper-synchronicity between images and audio exemplified in this work is central to Florent's methodological creative research, in which he plays between active analytical understanding and immersive, hypnotic surrender. 

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