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Some of Florent Ghys' audiovisual pieces find a more fitting home in the art gallery than the concert venue. These installations feature moving images and sounds that unfold over an extended period, often best experienced individually with headphones. Here's a curated selection of Florent's installations.

Please be aware that many of Florent Ghys' videos contain flashing images and may not be suitable for all audiences.

Decorum Impeccable

Decorum Impeccable is a series of 33 portrait-mode videos featuring a diverse array of everyday materials, captured by Florent or sourced from various corners of the internet. The content ranges from barking dogs and honking trucks to fingers navigating buttons on various machines, airplane footage, and people talking and singing.

The essence of Decorum Impeccable lies in illuminating the intrinsic beauty within often-overlooked mundane elements in our surroundings. It also underscores the evolving trend toward the portrait video mode of 9:16 ratio, aligning with the substantial amount of video content produced on platforms like TikTok.

This collection is currently being gradually unveiled on social media, one video at a time.


USA is a generative audiovisual piece for player piano and video, exploring the dissolution of collective unity in capitalist Western societies. The piece employs 63 digital metronomes, each offset by 1 millisecond, with each metronome triggering an image of a star or stripe from the US American flag along with an individual note on the player piano (an automated piano that can be played automatically by connecting it to a computer). The piece starts with synchronized metronomes, gradually shifting, and concludes as they realign. Positioned at the midpoint, the epicenter of symmetry, USA initiates its decline both visually and musically. This deterioration involves a spectrum of video effects and a gradual reduction in the overall melodic range. The work was presented at the Lewis Center for the Arts forum at Princeton University in September 2019.

The Four Suburban Seasons
an experiment in augmented banality

The Four Suburban Seasons is a series of four videos filmed in front of Florent's house in Princeton, NJ. Each video features a different machine associated with the corresponding season. The footage skips like a scratched disc, guided by various algorithms. The resulting rhythmic patterns highlight the musicality inherent in these mundane yet seasonal tasks, inviting viewers to contemplate and appreciate the beauty of the sounds in their surroundings.

The presentation of The Four Suburban Seasons involves four looped videos, each paired with its own set of headphones.

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