Same Face!

for solo drum set, glockenspiel, and video


25' - for Owen Weaver

Same Face! is a piece for solo percussionist (drum set and glockenspiel), live audio, and video, in 5 movements. It uses the inherent glitches of audio analysis and pitch detection to generate musical material and real-time video. 

Petits Artéfacts

for solo cello, electronics and video


15' - for Nick Photinos

Petits Artéfacts is a piece for solo cello in 6 short movements. Its total duration is around 15 minutes. Each movement uses a different way to interact with the video. 

Poor Margie

for solo piano and video


7' - for Vicky Chow

Poor Margie uses the "speech-melody" technique with a video from the 1950s called "Cooking: Terms and what they mean". from the Prelinger archives. From now on, the newly-married Margie has to stay home and cook for her husband.

Bouquet Garni

for piano and electric guitar


20' - for Kathleen Supove and James Moore

Bouquet Garni is a 20-minute piece in a A-B-A form that includes many musical ideas I was working on between 2011 and 2012. It is dedicated to James Moore and Kathleen Supove.

Concierge 130

for solo bass clarinet and loop pedal


3' - for Eileen Mack

Concierge 130 is one of the many pieces I wrote while working as a part-time super-intendant in 2008. It requires the clarinetist to play with a looping device, either hardware or software.


for solo double bass and tape


6’ - for Eleonore Oppenheim

Crocodile uses an excerpt from the French documentary ''La fabrique de l'homme occidental'' (Idéal Audience - Arte 1996) by film maker Gérard Caillat and psychoanalyst Pierre Legendre.

> available on the album Home by Eleonore Oppenheim on Innova Recordings


for solo soprano, tape and hair dryer


7' for Abigail Fischer

Patatra uses a hair dryer, solfège, and another soprano in the electronics. 

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