Big Dada

for percussion quartet and real-time video


6' - for So Percussion

Big Dada is for percussion quartet and videos of singers, trucks, trains, tennis players, and kittens.

Big Dada uses isorhythms with groupings of 7, 9, 11, and 13, along with 708 short videos stolen from Youtube. The videos are treated as an integral instrumental part using the timbres of different singers, trains, trucks, tennis players, and kittens as a visual klangfarbenmelodie.

Des Mots Superficiels

for piano, electric bass, percussion (drum set + glockenspiel)


10' - for Bearthoven

"Des Mots Superficiels" is a double homage to the to the piece “Idle Chatter” by Paul Lansky and “Alone: Life Wastes Andy Hardy” by Martin Arnold. It uses algorithmic processes to go through each syllable of the 1964 terrible movie "Santa Claus conquers the Martians”

Il va pleuvoir en fin d'après-midi

for flute, Bb clarinet, electric guitar, electric bass, piano, glockenspiel, cello, and alto saxophone


11' - for NakedEye Ensemble

"Il va pleuvoir en fin d'après-midi" is an homage to the piece "It's gonna rain" by Steve Reich which expands on the idea of phase by using 4 groups of musicians with 4 different tempi and video.

4 Bucolic Machines

for double bass, viola, Bb clarinet, flute, percussion


12' - for Now Hear Ensemble

4 Bucolic Machines is a piece in 4 movements: Woods, Basse, Robots, and Cabine.

Each movement explores interactions of images and sounds and need to be synchronize with a fixed media (audio and video)

Seven Pocket Études

for percussion quartet


9' - for So Percussion Summer Institute

Bell tree, prepared wind chimes, melodica, wood blocks, triangle, whispered solfège, low tom

My feet to the Sun

for violin, cello, bass, clarinet, piano, percussion, and video


8' - for Echo Chamber

My feet to the Sun has an inverted V shape and uses a synchronized video shot with an old Hi8 video camera. 


for string orchestra (4, 4, 3, 3, 1)


15' - for Shattered Glass

Lacrimosa is in two main movements in which all the instrument are divisi, i.e. 14 individual parts

Global Groove on a Superhighway

for string quartet and video


10' - for Escher Quartet

Global Groove on a Superhighway uses more than 300 weather report samples from all over the world in this intense "speech-melody" counterpoint where each instrument is following a specific voice.

Étude for 11 Faces

for piano, violin, cello and video


9' - for Trio Chimera

Étude for 11 Faces uses a synchronized video with some of my friends' faces doing noises, singing notes and telling a story.


for marimba + low tom, 2 vibraphones + 2 medium toms


8' - for the So Percussion Summer Institute

Soleil is a sunny piece for percussion trio. Very simple and catchy patterns are in motion, but somehow everything is wrong. 

This piece is published by Long Echo

Click Farm

for cimbalom, vibraphone, violin, double bass, and soprano voice


6' - premiered at Princeton Sound Kitchen with Courtney Orlando (violin), Nick Tolle (cimbalom), Mark Eichenberger (vibraphone), Rosalie Kaplan (voice), and Florent Ghys (bass)

Voyages Extraordinaires

for piano quintet


5' - for Todd Reynolds

Voyages Extraordinaires was commissioned by Holland America Line in collaboration with Lincoln Center for piano quintet.

Punk-Rock Cheerleaders do exist

for vibraphone, steel pans, marimba and drum set


8' - for So Percussion 

Punk-Rock Cheerleaders do exist is a hocket for percussion quartet composed for So Percussion. 

Drum set plays crotales in the final movement. Steel Pans are double tenor. 

Brandi Loves Todd

for double bass, drum set, vibraphone, electric guitar, cello, tenor voice and video


4' - for Princeton's BlackBox project

Brandi Loves Todd is a piece for chamber ensemble and a video from the TV show Maury Povich. 

It uses the "speech-melody" technique where each instrument is assigned to a different character in the show. 

An Open Cage

for clarinet, cello, piano, double bass, percussion


4' - for the Bang on a Can All-Stars

An Open Cage uses excerpts from an archival lecture of Diary: How to improve the world (You will only make matters worse) by John Cage. This material was provided courtesy of Laura Kuhn and the John Cage Trust. 

This piece involves a click track. Piano, cello, clarinet and electric guitar are asked to sing at the end.

Hommage à Baligh Hamdi

for fl, cl, vn, vc, pia, hp, egtr, 2 sopranos


8' - for Wild Rumpus

Baligh Hamdi was an Egyptian composer who wrote many of Egypt's most fantastic songs. Hommage à Baligh Hamdi is in three parts and requires the 2 singers to remain seated for the first half while holding a white handkerchief, mimicking Oum Kalthoum's stage presence. 


for clarinet, violin, double bass, piano, percussion, and tenor voice


4' - for the NYU contemporary ensemble workshop

0x571B7e is the hexadecimal color code for the purple, NYU's color. 

Pièce Montée

for string quartet


7' - for Jack quartet

A ''pièce montée'' is a French decorative layered wedding cake in an architectural form made of cream puffs, nougat, marzipan and spun sugar.
Literally, it means ''assembled piece''. The adjective ''montée'' refers to an upward direction.

This piece is in two sections and contains elements of simple improvisation.

Phase Parisienne

for 6 double basses


7’ - for Mark Dresser double bass class

Phase Parisienne was originally composed for multi-track double basses for my album Baroque Tardif in 2011. This arrangement for 6 double basses was commissioned by Mark Dresser for his double bass class at UCSD.

Coma Carus

for 3 pianos and delay



Coma Carus is the French name for the third step in a coma: it is when the person doesn't react to any external stimuli.

This piece was originally recorded with multi-track pianos on my album Baroque Tardif. This is an arrangement for three pianos and digital delay. 


for electric guitar quartet


6’ - for Dither Quartet

100 is a piece in 2 movements for electric guitar quartet. It uses a loop pedal and an octave pedal.

Rose 21

for open instrumentation: 12, 8, or 4 instruments



Rose21 is an experimental piece in 2 parts exploring the idea of phase invented by Steve Reich. Each of the four instruments group has its own tempo. It has to be played with four phasing click tracks sent from a Max patch. 

The instrumentation of this piece is open, i.e. it can be played by any instrument as long as they can play the notes. The recorded version presented here is for 8 alto saxophones and 4 double basses. 

Hommage à Jacob Ter Veldhuis

for 4 acoustic guitars, electric bass, tenor voice and video


4' - for the Mikael Kurdoka's guitar class

Hommage à Jacob Ter Veldhuis was composed in 2006 with a weather forecast by the famous Evelyne Dhéliat. 

This version was arranged in 2008 for 4 guitars, electric bass and voice. 


for alto sax, double bass, percussion, and tape



Concierge is a short piece for jazz trio (bass, drums, tenor sax) doubled with another trio in the tape. 

L’air du baobab

for violin, viola, cello, double bass



L'air du baobab is written for the perfect string quartet: bass, cello, viola, and violin. This piece has been used in the soundtrack for the movie Miss Hill

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