Bonjour is not quite your average chamber music ensemble. With a rather uncharacteristic instrumentation, this group has altered rules of the game.

We made our official debut at NYC’s Flea Theater in the spring of 2012. The music we play freely crosses the boundaries between pop, minimalist and contemporary.

Ashley Bathgate is a cello

James Moore is a guitar

Eleonore Oppenheim is a bass

Owen Weaver is a percussion

I am the music and a double bass.

and we are all voices.

For booking and more info, send us an email.



Since 2006 I have been playing my music solo with my double bass, a laptop and various midi controllers.

I like sounds illusions where the audience is kept alert trying to figure out what it going on.

I opened for Clues, Erik Truffaz, Vienna Vegetable Orchestra, The Fiercy Furnaces, Build, Briars of North America, Empyrean Atlas, Gutbucket, and Nat Baldwin.

Past performances include Exit Festival in Serbia, Bang on a Can marathon in New York City, MATA Festival at Le Poisson Rouge, and Calrsbad Music Festival.

For booking and more info, send an email.

alto bass

Since several years I have been developing an experimental tuning in fifths on the double bass.

I will write more about this soon


Here I plan to include all the stuff I do that doesn't fit in any categories.

From mobile phone ring tones to totally useless but fun music softwares.

More soon.